Super Anime War MX

About Super Anime Wars MV

I really like making my own RPG and watch Anime. I can only show you this game that I made from my passion. I basically combined M.U.G.E.N character sprites and RPG Maker MV into ATB. It’s very difficult for me to release this game despite RPG maker MV has no encryption upon deployment like other RPG maker and with all the copyrighted materials I doubt that I will ever release this game. But I want to show you folks anything you want to do you can do it with a little of time and research. I also uploaded an video on Youtube for the the play through.

 Darkness sweeps across the troubled land when a violent war rocked the world of Anime. Before all was lost, a group of heroes were summoned. Before all was lost, The Legendary Four, a group of heroes were summoned.

Miku Hatsune
Class: Vocaloid
Initial Skill: Leek Slash
Special: Leek Fury

Class: Heroic Spirit
Initial Skill: Noble Phantasms & Avalon
Special: Excalibur

Yoko Littner
Class: Sniper
Initial Skill: Reload
Special: Head Shot

Homura Akemi
Class: Magical Girl
Initial Skill: RPG
Special: Time Traveling

Special thanks and credits to the following:
TDDP PreloadManager
Yanfly Engine Plugins
Galv’s plugin
[Simple Stupid Gaming] Character Shadow by Heartbreak61
Thanks to Google image, Youtube and their respective original copyrighted material owners

I do not claim ownership of many of the copyrighted image and materials used on my project. My project is only use for learning the capability of RPG maker MV.