Updates 更新 2/22/2017

Playing Fire Emblem: Heroes isn’t the only thing I did for the past week! I have been working on the making of Riverwood, the beginner town of Skyrim. Should you have any thought about my game or willing to provide any support, I made a post in RPG Maker Forum for you!

Skyrim MV – RPG Maker Forum Post

I haven’t forgotten about Alvor’s forge! It is right there!

Updates 更新 2/7/2017

Skyrim MV is a Fan-made classic RPG made by using RPG maker MV with graphic, sound and community script. The game is based on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Bethesda Softworks. It is a commercial free project for those who love the Skyrim universe as much as I do. I have been working on the game and testing on various plugin. Nothing is set in stone for the moment and bugs are noticeable . I am releasing my very first test run video, so may be others can spot some thing so I can improve.

The following authors have my special thanks for the project.

Malukah No better singer can provide a better theme song for Skyrim universe.
SumRndmDde  Plugins
Moghunter  Plugins
Terrax Lighting Plugins
Yanfly Engine Plugins
Galv Scripts & Plugins
Vibrato Animated battlers
Soulpour777 Plugins

Updates 更新 1/5/2017

Welcome to First Blood, a guild of Star Wars: The Old Republic. We are located in Prophecy of the Five. Our guild has only one rule: respect each other. You are free to do what you want. You can invite friends, donate decorations and credits. It’s also up to you to be a permanent or temporary member. We welcome all! We have a big flagship and a guild bank. Also, more features to the guild will be added gradually. Should you interested in joining please contact Sylvester Stallone in game.

Please understand your guild master is pretty broke after spending 50 million credits for the flagship, so things may seem pretty slow at the time. As always you are welcome to donate things to the bank, especially decorations.