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Selling Skittering Desolation with 10K + kills for $1,800.00

Once the steam hold’s over, I will post the link.

There’s no better way to show your friend that you destroyed ten thousand unfortunate souls. It’s very possible I killed you also, Obviously I did all the works, but who cares. LOL. I no longer play dota2, this thing just siting in my inventory for my old glory.

Come on. It’s only $1800. I should had put it out for $1/ kill but Valve won’t let me 😦

Divinity: Original Sin 2-Skeleton Assassin-Solo Fights-Honour Mode Ep.1

DOS2-Skeleton Assassin
Solo Honour Mode Fights-0 damage taken-No saving in mid fight
Kill Them All

0:44 -Start up build and skills
2:59 -Vs. Source Hound
5:33 -Killing Fang
6:17 -Killing Magister Ricks & Murtof
7:19 -Viscous Voidling X2
8:50 -Viscous Voidling X3
10:59 -Viscous Voidling X2
12:13 -Vs. Burro & Kana
14:17-Toads X3
22:33 -Crocodile X3
27:45-Slug’s gang
33:15-The One Fight (Arena)