Updates 更新 2/22/2017

Playing Fire Emblem: Heroes isn’t the only thing I did for the past week! I have been working on the making of Riverwood, the beginner town of Skyrim. Should you have any thought about my game or willing to provide any support, I made a post in RPG Maker Forum for you!

Skyrim MV – RPG Maker Forum Post

I haven’t forgotten about Alvor’s forge! It is right there!


Updates 更新 2/7/2017

Skyrim MV is a Fan-made classic RPG made by using RPG maker MV with graphic, sound and community script. The game is based on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Bethesda Softworks. It is a commercial free project for those who love the Skyrim universe as much as I do. I have been working on the game and testing on various plugin. Nothing is set in stone for the moment and bugs are noticeable . I am releasing my very first test run video, so may be others can spot some thing so I can improve.

The following authors have my special thanks for the project.

Malukah No better singer can provide a better theme song for Skyrim universe.
SumRndmDde  Plugins
Moghunter  Plugins
Terrax Lighting Plugins
Yanfly Engine Plugins
Galv Scripts & Plugins
Vibrato Animated battlers
Soulpour777 Plugins